Vixx: Clockwise from left: Ken Hongbin, Hyuk, Ravi and N. Image Credit: Supplied

Jellyfish Entertainment will take strict legal action against malicious comments targeted towards their artists VIXX and Gugudan.

On November 2, the South Korean agency issued a strong warning against commenters and internet trolls damaging the reputation of their artists by posting and spreading personal attacks, insults and false facts on social media and online communities.

Through closely monitoring the situation and collecting evidence, the actions defaming the character of their artists have become “uncontrollable, to the point where it cannot go unnoticed.”

Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed that it is currently preparing to file lawsuits against malicious online netizens “to create a clean fan culture and protect the honour of our artists.”

Announcements like these are not out of the ordinary in the K-Pop world. Other Korean agencies have sued commenters for false statements, rumours, defamation and personal attacks against their artists. Trolls can receive legal punishment such as fines and social service.

Vixx’s six members — N, Hongbin, Leo, Ken, Ravi and Hyuk — have been managed under their agency since their debut in 2012 with first single Super Hero. They have become one of the most distinguished groups in K-Pop for their intense themes and concepts, which has named them concept idols or ‘concept-dols’.

On the other hand, K-Pop girl group Gugudan, also stylized as Gu9udan, debuted two years as a nine-member group. They will be releasing their mini album, Act.5 New Action, on November 6 as an eight-member group following Hyeyeon’s recent departure.