BTS members gather to send off J-Hope
Viral photo: BTS members gather to send off J-Hope Image Credit: Twitter/@BTS_twt

South Korean pop band BTS member, J-Hope, finally enlisted in the mandatory military service on Tuesday. Fans say they look forward to October 2024 for his return.

J-Hope's name has been trending on Twitter, globally, for the past two days as fans bid him an emotional farewell.

All seven members of BTS gathered together for the send-off and posed for pictures that have gone viral on many social media channels.

The rapper entered the military training center on April 18.

According to the South Korean entertainment website “… J-Hope enlisted in the military, reportedly entering the 36th Infantry Division recruit training center in the city of Wonju in Gangwon Province to receive five weeks of basic military training before being transferred to his station.”

Younger BTS members, RM, Suga, Jimin, Kim Taehyung (V), and Jungkook stood around their hyung (older brother) Hobi (J-Hope). And, fans were emotional and surprised that even Jin, who is already serving in the military as an active-duty soldier, was also present to see him off.

In the viral photos, they were seen touching J-Hope’s head to show off his military buzz cut.

This makes J-Hope the second BTS member to enlist in the military after Jin, who enlisted in December 2022.

Many fans said that the photos reminded them of the time Jin had joined the military and the other members had grouped around him, just before he left.

Kim Namjoon, famously known to fans as RM, shared the photo on his Instagram, with a heart emoji, and wrote: "See you soon brother.”

Fans also pointed out that Jin had the most hilarious reaction when J-Hope joined the military. He shared the photo on social media and wrote “next person", in the caption.

On April 17, J-Hope took to Instagram to share a handwritten note with his fans and showed off his new haircut on his Weverse account.