Tom Holland
Tom Holland Image Credit: ShutterStock

Hollywood star Tom Holland, who played the title role in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ in 2021, revealed that whenever it pops up as a suggestion for him on a streaming platform, he tells his friends that the leading man is “unreal” but cannot ever raise a smile from them.

He told Access Hollywood: “For me, it’s one of the things I love so much about my job is the ability to chop and change and do new things, try new things. I love action movies, it’s where my heart is.

He added: “Any night of the week if I sit down to watch a movie with my mates, I’m the one to say ‘Let’s put the Bourne franchise on’ or ‘Let’s put Indiana Jones on’ or anything like that!”

“Every time, and every time I’ll be like scrolling through Netflix and it will pop up. And I always do the stupid joke of ‘I’ve heard this movie is great, apparently the lead actor is great. Let’s just watch 10 minutes and see what it’s like.’ But no one ever laughs.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Uncharted’ star said that he is trying to “figure out” what to do next but has a “great” list of potential choices, reports

He said: “Next is a big question, it is something that we’re actively trying to figure out right now. I am lucky and I am blessed that I’ve got a great bunch of options of things that could be next. I’m taking my time, I want to find the right project with the right people and I feel very lucky to be here.”