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Director Garth Davis. Image Credit:

A third ‘Tron’ movie is finally in the works, with Jared Leto in an unspecified lead role and art house director Garth Davis set to direct, according to a report by Deadline.

Davis is most recognisable for his critically-acclaimed 2016 drama ‘Lion’, which received six Oscar nominations including for Best Picture; and 2018’s ‘Mary Magdalene’, less well received by critics and viewers.

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But that’s not all. In his excitement, actor Leto may have also leaked the name of the third instalment in Disney’s sci-fi franchise.

If you head to Leto’s Twitter now, you’ll find this post: “I am so very excited and proud to confirm that YES — I will be starring in TRON. We will work as hard as we possibly can to create something that I hope you all will love. We have some very special ideas in store for you all…”

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Jared Leto.

But according to Collider, in a tweet that’s since been deleted, Leto didn’t just say ‘Tron’. He said, ‘Tron: Ares’.

Disney, now mighty used to keeping their rogue elements in check, probably asked him to take his tweet down.

Leto will also co-produce the film.

The original ‘Tron’, directed by Steven Lisberger, was released in 1982. In the sci-fifilm, Kevin (Jeff Bridges), a software programmer, is dragged into the virtual world where he is pitted against a malevolent software. He takes the help of Tron, a security programme that helps him defeat the villain.

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‘Tron: Legacy’.

Disney released the sequel, ‘Tron: Legacy’, in 2010. That film starred Garrett Hedlund as Kevin Flynn’s son Sam, who entered the virtual reality to prevent a rogue programme from invading the real world.