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Record producer Timbaland has sued a man named William he used to rent his property out to for reportedly stealing his mail.

Timbaland has no proof that William has been carrying out the crime, but he has stated that the police suspect him to be responsible because “no one else would have a reason to seek to recover mail from the home” except the prior tenant.

Timbaland has been locked in a legal battle with William for a while now as, according to the publication The Blast, the producer sold the property to him and agreed to let him live there until the deal was finalised and funds had been paid.

However, the funds never cleared, but William refused to leave the premises.

Timbaland had no choice but to sue him and the judge sided with him, meaning that William had to vacate the property immediately.

However, when he left, he reportedly caused $100,000 (Dh367,242) worth of damage to the mansion and stole $100,000 worth of Timbaland’s personal possessions.

In the court documents, the producer claimed TVs, mattresses, nightstands, bed frames, bar stools, dishes, glasses, pot, pans, lounge chairs, tables, garage gym equipment and various other items had been snatched.

He also said his Street Fighter arcade game had been broken, walls had been smashed, ceilings had been cracked, carpet had big stains on them, his zebra rug had been damaged and there were bees living in the attic.