Actress Kim Cattrall. Image Credit: AFP

 'About My Father' director Laura Terruso has spoken about the cast of the comedy film and said that he found  Kim Cattrall as one of the funniest women on the planet.

Cattrall plays the fierce senator, Tigger Collins, in the web series 'About My Father', set to stream exclusively on August 18 on Lionsgate Play.

"Casting is the single most important part of making a comedy and to have Robert De Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco playing opposite each other and then to have supporting them, Kim Cattrall - who is one of the funniest women on the planet," said Terruso.

"David Rasche is a genius in his own right, even Anders Holm, Brett Dier.. Leslie Bibb, is just the ultimate dream woman for Sebastian and they have such incredible chemistry and I think that chemistry is everything in a comedy. This cast has such tremendous chemistry."

Also starring the evergreen Robert De Niro along with Sebastian Maniscalco, Anders Holm, Leslie Bibb and Brett Dier, this heartwarming comedy is a cultural blend of classic Italian and unapologetically American families.

Catrall is understandably excited about her role. 

"I play a Senator from Virginia and she's got a very bad temper. She likes her own way, very wise, very sweet, very congenial and very polite unless you get on her wrong side and then she’s a tiger."

'About My Father' premieres exclusively on Lionsgate Play on August 18.