Kevin Spacey Image Credit: Supplied

Actor Kevin Spacey is being sued for allegedly forcing a masseur to grope him before trying to kiss him.

A lawsuit was filed against Spacey in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday.

According to TMZ, the male masseuse, who asked to file as a John Doe, was called in by a third party to meet the now 59-year-old actor at his home in Malibu before he was led into a room to set up a massage table, reports Daily Mail.

The accuser claims he had asked Spacey to lay face down on the table but the actor insisted on facing up.

The documents state that Doe had said Spacey had told him he was having pain in his ‘groin area’ before grabbing his hand and pushing it onto the testicles.

Doe said that he had pulled away but Spacey stood up naked and moved toward him before saying ‘you have such beautiful eyes’.

According to the documents, the masseur believed that Spacey was trying to kiss him and Doe attempted to back away but Spacey grabbed his genitals and seemingly said something about performing oral sex on him.

Doe said that he proceeded to grab his massage table before fleeing the residence.

He is now suing the former House Of Cards star for sexual battery, assault, and false imprisonment.