Jason Derulo Will Smith
Jason Derulo and Will Smith. Image Credit: Instagram

Singer Jason Derulo and actor Will Smith are having a bit too much fun on social media.

The celebrities seem to be pranking fans with a new video posted on TikTok and Instagram that will leave you grinning and wincing at the same time.

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In the post, Smith can be seen giving Derulo some tips on his golf swing.

The ‘Talk Dirty’ singer starts to take the swing but Smith suddenly gets in the way, getting a face full of golf club.

The ‘Bad Boys’ actor then looks at the camera and shows off his grin with a few less teeth.

Smith followed it up with another picture showing off his apparently knocked out front teeth and the caption: “I gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over.”

It’s not clear if this was real; many pointed out that the image seemed doctored and it’s most likely a prank.

Whatever the truth is, we hope this little mishap doesn’t put a chip in the duo’s friendship.