Paul Mescal Pics
Image Credit: INSTA /paulmescalpics

Oscar-nominated actor Paul Mescal said that he has a phobia of tomatoes and that ketchup is the stuff of nightmares due to a traumatic childhood memory.

Mescal told the Off Menu podcast: "It's a fear of tomato, like Heinz ketchup. I used to go to a childminder after school, and she was lovely, but one day she decided for a snack that she would put an easy single slice of cheese out, spray Heinz ketchup on it, rolled it up, and was like, 'Here you go'."

"I said, 'No thank you, I'd rather not have that.' She thought I was getting cheeky and she slapped me. It was pretty traumatic... ketchup, I still can't do," reports

Meanwhile, Mescal has been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his role as troubled Scottish father Calum in the movie 'Aftersun'.

The film has been directed by Charlotte Wells and also stars Frankie Corio as Calum's daughter Sophie, who reflects on a holiday the pair took together.

The 'Normal People' actor said, "This is truly a special moment for everyone involved in 'Aftersun'. To be recognised by the Academy is such an insane honor and I'm so utterly grateful. I want to dedicate this nomination to my two friends Charlotte and Frankie who I love dearly! This is bananas, thank you!"

It was also revealed that Mescal's mother Dearbhla is battling cancer and is preparing for chemotherapy treatment.

The Irish actor's sister Nell tweeted hours after his Academy Award nod was announced, "My mum got a haircut today in prep for her chemotherapy and then Paul got nominated for an Oscar life is so crazy."