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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is an ardent activist in environmental conservation Image Credit: AP

Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio has put a new fish species found in Kerala on the global map.

Earlier this week, DiCaprio took to Facebook to educate his army of fans about a new aquatic species that was discovered by a sheer accident in Kerala.

“The wild is all around us and sometimes all it takes to discover a new species is going about a normal day. This was the case for Mr Abraham, a local stage director living in Kerala State, who discovered a new species of fish while taking a shower,” wrote DiCaprio. Abraham discovered the “live sightless subterranean freshwater fish like the new Pathalal Eel Loach”.

'Pathalal Eel Loach’ means “below the feet” in Sanskrit.

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The ‘Titanic star’ then went on to explain about how this fish lives in dark spaces, hidden from light and is often found beneath the soil’s surface. He also posted an article explaining Abraham’s ground-breaking discovery, that’s exciting the scientific experts.

Apparently, Abraham, a local stage decorator living in Chengannur in Kerala, was having a morning shower near his well when he spotted this elusive freshwater fish.

According to the report published on rewild.org, Abraham grabbed the closest glass jar available and placed the creature inside it. After stowing the jar, he reportedly called the researchers from the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies. The researchers subsequently found three more fish of the same species in Abraham's 17-feet well.

Abraham has now become the toast of researchers who study species of underground fish.