Afida Turner with Rania Naffa, Founder of The Selfie Kingdom
Afida Turner with Rania Naffa, founder of The Selfie Kingdom. Image Credit: Supplied

French-American actress and singer Afida Turner was spotted visiting a Dubai hot spot — The Selfie Kingdom.

Turner, who is married to singer Tina Turner’s son Ronnie Turner, is reportedly in the UAE on holiday and for work. She said she’d consider recording a music video at the tourist spot, which is touted as the Middle East’s first selfie museum.

“UAE is an amazing place and my visit has been magical so far,” she said in a statement. “My recent visit to The Selfie Kingdom has been wonderful, with so many options to take amazing pictures and videos. It is the best studio in the world and I would definitely like to shoot my next music video when I visit Dubai next.”

The Selfie Kingdom is a creative, interactive space that aims to inspire art, design and promote digital content. It features 17 rooms with unique backdrops and props that photography can take place in.

Afida Turner, 44, started her music career with the song ‘Crazy About You’ released in 1998. She has also starred in French TV shows. In 2020, she said she would be running for President of France in the 2022 election, but later withdrew her candidacy.