Charlize Theron Image Credit: NYT

Hollywood star Charlize Theron recently revealed that the actor has no interest in pursuing a relationship of any kind.

The Oscar winner also opened up about what situation she would like to have in the unlikely event she finds someone to settle down with.

According to Fox News, the 44-year-old told E! News: “I really do believe that women really... make [expletive] happen for ourselves. And I think this idea of relationships, sometimes we approach ... or society approach[s] them in the sense of like, ‘Obviously, that is something that you need and want.’ And that’s really not been the case for me.”

The ‘Bombshell’ star recently fended off rumours that she nearly tied the knot with fellow actor and director Sean Penn during their dating spell when she told ‘The Howard Stern Show’ that tales suggesting they almost wed were “such [expletive]” given the fact they dated for “barely a year.”

Theron told listeners on Stern’s show that she doesn’t need a man because the “great loves of [her] life” are her two children, son eight-year-old Jackson, and eight-year-old daughter August — and thus, she’s “never been lonely.”

The ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ star pressed the sentiment in her conversation with E! News: “I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something in my life, it’s just not something that I’m looking out for right now.”

However, despite her leisurely approach to dating, Theron told the outlet to not rule out the idea of her having a partner in the future.

“I think that time will come, declaring in the process that if she stumbles upon the “love of my life,” said gentleman would be relegated to living in a “house down the street.”

Theron pointed to Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk’s progressive approach to their previous living arrangement that has seen its share of supporters and detractors.

The actor said, “I remember when Gwyneth Paltrow married her husband Brad and they lived in separate homes and people made such a stink about it. And I was like, ‘That’s my kind of relationship!’”