Billie Eilish Image Credit: Supplied

Pop star Billie Eilish stunned her fans in Ireland during her performance over the weekend despite being “really sick”.

The Grammy winner showed up at the Eletric Picnic 2023 in County Laois. She sounded pretty stuffed up as she greeted 50,000 attendees at the concert, asking them to “give all” that they’ve got, reports

Eilish opened her set with ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’. She asked the crowd to “give me all that you’ve got, OK, because I can only do so much tonight.” She then ordered them to build up the energy by bouncing with her. “If I can do it, you can [expletive] do it,” she told the concertgoers.

The ’Lovely’ songstress was heard coughing and sniffling during the show, but kept going until the end. She even paused to cough as the attendees sang ‘Happier Than Ever’.

For the performance, Eilish opted for a loose fitting white Nike top over black basketball shorts, with black socks and white sneakers. She added a cap with the word “Danger” on it over her dark hair.

At one point during her set, she asked the audience to turn to the person next to them and give them a hug. She closed the 70-minute show by telling the crowd, “I love you so much, thanks for having me, but I’ll see you again.”

A few hours before the show, Eilish informed her fans that she had fallen ill.

“Ireland. I am really, really sick. And honestly really suffering,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “You know me and you know that I wouldn’t cancel a show even if I was literally dying ... (this does feel pretty close tho lol) but the show must go on.”

“I will see you tonight!” she added. “But please keep in mind that I am trying my best and I’m gonna need your help tonight. Go hard for me. ;)” she concluded, adding a heart emoji.