Andy Serkis as PM Theresa May Video Credit: WE WANTS IT

As if British Prime Minister Theresa May weren’t in enough of a Brexit bind, now she has to deal with a biting Andy Serkis impersonation that’s making the digital rounds.

Literally biting because it’s Serkis via his immortal rendition of Gollum.

The ‘Lord of the Rings’ actor reprised a version of the One Ring-obsessed character in a new video posted by We Wants It. Much like the Gollum of the film series, Serkis’ May has her own fixation: the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

“Oh, Precious, our agreement,” says a blue-suit clad Serkis. “This is it. Our deal... We takes back control: Money, borders, laws, blue passportses.”

But another May personality quickly rebuts: “No. It hurts the people. Makes them poorer.”

Andy Serkis as Theresa May Image Credit: Supplied

The parody features the two sides of May arguing with herself and it’s somehow both hilarious and terrifying. One personality only cares about how much she wants the “juicy and sweet” deal, while the other recognises that there are plenty of people opposed to the idea.

“They hates the deal, all of them hates it. They wants a people’s vote,” Gollum/May says to herself.

The People’s Vote refers to the efforts of those in the UK calling for a public vote on whether Britain will leave or remain in the EU based on the terms of the final exit agreement.

On Monday, the real May delayed the parliamentary vote for the Brexit plan because she feared it did not have enough support to pass. The vote had been scheduled for Tuesday.

While May has defended the deal (that EU leaders have said is the only one on the table), it has been slammed by both Brexit-backers and “remainers” who oppose leaving the 28-nation bloc. As of now Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.