BTS fans share updates of Jimin and J-hope on Twitter
BTS fans share updates of Jimin and J-hope on Twitter Image Credit: Social media

This week again, K-pop band BTS member Jimin topped Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart. Fans are going crazy about his latest new single, Like Crazy.

Jimin tops Billboard sales chart for a second week
Jimin tops Billboard sales chart for a second week Image Credit:

The song was recently released as part of his (Extended Play) solo album Faces.

Last week, the BTS musician, whose real name is Park Jimin, dominated several Billboard charts for his hit single. Jimin has reached the top 10 on the Digital Song Sales chart five times, with the fourth and fifth win arriving this week.

According to a report on the international news website “As ‘Like Crazy’ opens atop the Digital Song Sales chart, another Jimin tune also opens inside the top 10. 'Face-Off' launches at No. 8 on the tally, which ranks the tracks that sold the most copies in the US in the prior tracking frame, instead of focusing on streams or radio play.”

Thanks to the two successful tracks from the star this week, he ties with two of his bandmates, for Billboard records among South Korean artists. “He is now tied with both Suga and J-Hope – also of BTS fame – for the most placements inside the top tier among South Korean solo artists,” the report said.

Meanwhile, BTS fans are heaving a sigh of relief after a recent Weverse live video from their K-pop idol Jung Ho-seok, more popularly known as J-Hope. He told worried fans that there was still time for his military enlistment.

Last week, BTS’ music label, Big Hit Music, revealed that BTS's J-hope would enlist in the military soon. In a social media post, the label stated: "J-Hope intends on enlisting as an active duty soldier, and there will be no separate or official ceremony at the time and date of his enlistment at the new recruit training center. The enlistment ceremony held at the training center is a place meant for new recruits and their family and close friends. In order to prevent any chaotic situations and safety accidents, we strongly insist that fans do not visit the site. Please just send your warm wishes of greetings and encouragements in heart only."

The post, coupled with J-Hope’s recent social media update showing cropped hair, had led fans to believe that he would enlist on April 11.

On April 10, J-Hope updated fans on a Weverse live that he was not enlisting yet.

J-Hope’s social media post holding up his fingers to make the popular Korean heart sign and his purple slippers went viral across social media channels.

He said in a message to the BTS Army (a term used to refer to BTS’ fans): "Everyone, I'm not going tomorrow… I'll come to see you this week through live streaming. My Armys, don't have a hard time. Love you, Armys."

Meanwhile, the exact enlistment date for J-Hope is still currently unknown. He will soon be the second member of BTS to begin his mandatory service duties as an active-duty soldier. BTS member Jin became the first of the group to enlist in December when he turned 30.