Datta Mahesh Sheregar with his book Image Credit: Atiq ur Rehman/XPRESS

DUBAI A Dubai teen has become the proud author of a superhero comic book.

Titled Parodox and the Red Matter - Rise of Parodox, the 30-page book is part of a series that Datta Mahesh Sheregar, 16, has been writing for some time.

“The plot revolves around the superhero, who is essentially a kind-hearted child called Paradox aka Cyber Blue. But make no mistake about him. Beneath the innocent veneer lies a superhero with unimaginable powers. “There are lots of twists and turns as Paradox takes on his adversaries, but in the end, good triumphs over evil,” explained Sheregar, a grade 12 student of International School of Choueifat.

Shregar said he is satisfied with the response the book has got in India where it was published by Delhi-based KW Publishers Pvt Ltd.

“It is pretty encouraging as we have sold nearly 400 copies,” he added. The book is also listed on Amazon where it sells for around Dh15.