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Father and daughter duo Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt were moved beyond words when a play based on their film Daddy was recently staged in New Delhi 25 years after the movie was released.

Mahesh’s protege Imran Zahid played Anupam Kher’s role and two young Delhi actresses, Tanya and Simran, played Pooja’s role in two different stages of the narration.

Pooja broke down during the play. “It was sincere and moving. I realised again, not for the first time, that nothing beats a powerful narrative. Daddy had such a moving story. It is relevant to date,” Pooja said.

The film was based on Mahesh’s own battle with alcoholism and his relationship with his eldest born Pooja. The filmmaker’s best friend Kher had played him on screen.

In the stage version, when Zahid took over the role, he refrained from watching Kher’s performance.

“I wanted my interpretation of the character to be my own, and no one else’s. I am glad to say we had a great show. Pooja Bhatt got emotional as she watched her own character come alive,” said Zahid.

Some of the famous songs from the film sung by Talat Aziz were also used in the play.

Mahesh reacted to the play saying: “It was flawed, rough but innocent and moving.”