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Actress Soha Ali Khan, who is gearing up for the release of 31st October, says the forthcoming film is already close to her heart.

“I say that every film is ‘the film’ for me... Some films that come out in the box office, they become important to you depending on the box-office results. This film is already a landmark for me,” Khan said.

“Of course, we want the film to make lots of money, but whatever the fate of the film is... I will always be proud of the film,” she added.

Khan will be seen for the second time in a simple, non-glamorous look in 31st October after the 2006 drama Rang De Basanti.

“It is great... I would get ready in 10 minutes. It was just attaching the long braid that I had to do and there was no makeup,” she said about her preparation for filming.

The Tum Mile star added that without makeup, an actor is “completely exposed”.

“I like such films because otherwise behind the glamour, you lose the depth of the character and in this you can’t hide behind makeup at all... I find that challenging,” Khan said.

Also starring Vir Das, 31st October is based on the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984 and its repercussions. Khan and Das play a Sikh couple in the movie, which will hit screens in India on October 7.

“We stayed away from politics in the film. We’ve shown the 1984 riots through the eyes of one family. It is a very humane take on what has happened. There are references to certain local leaders but we have not named them. But for people who know enough about the 1984 riots, they’ll know exactly who we mean,” Khan said.