Shah Rukh Khan, world's richest actor
Image Credit: Instagram/ @imsrk

Shah Rukh Khan, who’s on a self-imposed sabbatical from Bollywood films for more than a year since the release of ‘Zero’ in 2019, proved that he still reigns supreme during fan interactions.

In a brief #AskSRK session on Twitter on April 20, the father of three and one of Bollywood’s most popular stars sportingly answered a set of random questions posed by fans.

From revealing the colour of his toothbrush (black, for all those who were dying to know) to doling out advise on how to cope with the mandatory lockdown in India, the ‘Raees’ star proved that he is still the king of people’s hearts.

We give you a round up of his witty answers to some of the questions that were cherry-picked by him. From calling Salman Khan’s new single ‘Pyaar Karona’ splendid to urging his fans to maintain physical distancing now, Shah Rukh Khan — who has 39.9 million Twitter followers, was on top of his game. Here are a few key take aways from the session...

1. There’s a good chance that Shah Rukh Khan will work with director Raj Kumar Hirani soon. Dropping broad hints, Khan was responding to a question about whom he would love to be directed by. His choices were Hollywood’s Chris Nolan or Martin Scorsese. But Khan decided to throw in another option.

“Wow, both are awesome and I have met them … But Raju apnea sa lags hai … nah?” [Raju feels like our own, doesn’t he?]

2. “We all have to press Pause … Reset and then Play our worlds going forward,” was his answer to the impact of coronavirus on his film industry.

3. “That we need to slow down a bit. Look and feel life and nature a bit more than instant gratification 24X7”, when asked what he learnt in all these days.

4. Khan is using the lockdown to spend maximum time with his three children. “The rest of the time, he’s cleaning up their toys,” he joked.