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Salman Khan Image Credit: IANS

Watch out Arijit Singh and Ranveer Singh, the ace crooner and actor-rapper from Bollywood. You have competition in your block. Make way for Salman Khan as he treats the world with a syrupy song with patriotic undertones that’s an ode to staying home during coronavirus lockdown.

His four-minute song, ‘Pyaar Karona’, which dropped on April 20 morning, is filled with simplistic lyrics as he croons about the glories of sitting tight at home. He also thanked the army of doctors and police who are fearlessly doing their duty putting their lives at risk during the coronavirus outbreak. He even raps his point across, perhaps for those who are slow on his song uptake.

“Eat and be merry with your family members ... Learn to play guitar or write poetry na and fight corona,” Khan

Just like his blockbusters, the song is unapologetically cheesy and sweet. And the degree of your enjoyment is directly proportionate to your degree of adoration for the superstar. If you are his fan, then you are his groupie. But if you aren’t, then there’s a lot to fun and mockery to be had.

Khan has co-written the song and something tells me that he penned the lyrics of the portions that were sung in rap style. It’s brash with a hint of brattiness, that Khan — the superstar who has endured in Bollywood for several decades — is known for.

While you have to fight the urge to ridicule the rhyming lyrics, there’s no ignoring that Khan’s heart is in the right place. Here’s an earnest song that isn’t necessarily of great quality, but it’s still worth a listen.

For all you know, this song — which is unintentionally comic — can beat your lockdown blues away.

Sometimes, a song that’s so bad that it’s good also works wonders.