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If you are a prude and easily offended, then Indian comedian Radhika Vaz is not the woman for you. But for everyone else, she’s a keeper.

On Friday evening at Ductac, Mall of the Emirates, the 43-year-old smooth talker presented her one-woman show, Older. Angrier. Hairier. She wasn’t hairy (for all those asking), but she embraced her advancing age and angst about being a woman beautifully.

She started her gig in a relatively clean manner by saying she found Dubai a “family-friendly Las Vegas” ... that is until she found a visiting card about a shady massage parlour providing unholy services tucked into the windshield wiper of her car. From then on, her material became more raunchy.

‘Talking clean’

Her jokes about women’s obsession with keeping their homes clean and comparing it to personal hygiene hit home.

She had a flair for talking about the raw deal that the universe presented to women (cleaning is somehow a woman’s domain and women don’t have a female version of George Clooney, who celebrated his grey hair, moles and all) and making you laugh while she was at it.

Her tone was conversational and her intent to poke fun at the expectations faced by women.

Her segment on how everyone’s entitled to an opinion if a woman decides not to have children was a knockout.

She liberally took swipe at men and women alike, and if you were thick-skinned, you came out of her show with a smile on your face.