Rakhi Sawant and Salman Khan
Rakhi Sawant and Salman Khan Image Credit: instagram.com/rakhisawant2511

Actress Rakhi Sawant has reportedly found a helping hand as her mother undergoes treatment for cancer.

After the ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant left the reality TV show, she went to see her mum Jaya in the hospital and they both recorded a video thanking actor Salman Khan and his family for their support.

“Thank you, my son, Salman Khan. Thank you, Sohail. I am in the hospital right now and I am undergoing chemotherapy. Today, I completed four [rounds] and two more are left. After that, I will be operated on. I wish for your success and that you remain safe and sound. God is with you. May God fulfill all your dreams,” Jaya said in Hindi, according to IANS.

Sawant added: “Thank you Salman ji, you are a rockstar!”

Salman Khan is the host of ‘Bigg Boss’ and Sawant said in an interview that he helped her survive the reality show.

“He is a rockstar, and a legend in true self,” the actress told Indian Express. “He really supported me a lot, and I don’t think I would have managed to survive the game without him.”

Sawant also explained that she chose to leave the show before the finale because she needed the Rs1.4 million (Dh70,284) that was being offered.

“It was just a matter of a few hours, and at the end only one had to win. If I would have lost, I would be left with nothing. At least, I have a huge sum of money with me now,” she said. “I have zero bank balance at the moment, and I needed the money for my mother’s medical needs. I have spent all my savings in the last few years on her surgeries, and needed financial backing. I have no regrets, as that moment all I could think of was the growing bills that I need to pay soon.”

Sawant is no stranger to ‘Bigg Boss’; she was a contestant on the controversial show’s first season in 2006.