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Actress Nimrat Kaur says art always takes inspiration from real life.

“Art always needs an inspiration — whether it’s the society or political system we are living in today, or just the way life is around us. Art takes a lot of inspiration around us, and makes a statement by observing from life — be it performing arts or design,” Kaur said.

Having carved a distinct niche for herself in Bollywood, Kaur has also made a mark internationally with her performances in American TV series Homeland and Wayward Pines. Her latest work in India was the web series The Test Case.

What’s next?

“I haven’t signed anything yet after The Test Case, but something is always brewing and the pipeline is always abuzz. So as and when I sign something, I’ll definitely share it,” said Kaur, who also likes dressing up. She says while she likes jewellery, she prefers to keep it minimal.

“I love traditional jewellery because it carries a value system and nostalgia. But having said that, the use and application of traditional jewellery is limited. So in day-to-day life, I only wear modern, minimalistic jewellery that I can wear with anything on the go,” she said.

What she always wears is a ‘kada’ [bangle].

“It is a religious symbol for me because I’m a Sikh and I wear it whenever I leave the house. I like to wear a watch and I have a collection of very old vintage and modern watches. I love vintage watches.”