Mika Singh Image Credit: Supplied

Singer Mika Singh was accused of molesting a model, who filed a complaint against him, police said on Tuesday. He however termed the charge a blackmail attempt.

“A woman named Priyanka Kumar filed an FIR against Mika Singh on Tuesday evening. It is a case of molestation,” said an official from Versova police station, Mumbai.

Following the complaint, Singh released a statement which claimed that the woman had demanded money from him and that he had proof of it.

“Today [Tuesday] morning at around 5am, one girl barged into my premises by entering through window and started abusing me and assaulting me and my staff and started threatening if I don’t pay her Rs50 million [Dh2.72 million], she will ruin my career and register a false case against me. I have already informed Versova police in writing regarding the threats and extortion,” he said in the statement.

“I don’t know who this girl is. I have all the evidence against this girl of she demanding money from me and I have informed the police about this incident. Police is investigating the matter and truth will be out soon,” he added.