Mrunal Thakur
Mrunal Thakur Image Credit: insta/mrunalthakur

Popular actress Mrunal Thakur found herself at the center of swirling wedding rumors following blessings and speculations during an award show.

The actress, known for her roles in 'Super 30', 'Batla House', 'Ghost Stories', and 'Sita Ramam', was bestowed with blessings by Telugu producer Allu Aravind at the prestigious event. Aravind's blessings have resulted in real manifestations.

During the awards ceremony, as Aravind was set to present the Best Female Actor award to Mrunal for her performance in 'Sita Ramam', he publicly extended his blessings, expressing his hope for her marriage and his wish for her to settle in Hyderabad after tying the knot. His words stirred up media reports linking the actress to a Telugu star.

However, clarifying the situation, Mrunal's representative stated to IANS that the reports were baseless and that marriage was not currently in the cards for the actress, with her primary focus being her professional commitments.

In a light-hearted response to the escalating rumors, the actress took to her Instagram stories to share a video, playfully addressing the buzz surrounding her alleged marriage. Mrunal, with a tone of amusement, said, "I'm sorry to break your hearts, guys. To everyone calling me about getting married to some Telugu boy, I also want to know who this boy is in the first place."

Continuing in jest, she added, "Sorry, but this is a false rumor because I just received a blessing." The actress chuckled, finding the situation rather comical. "While it's funny, I must say, I just couldn't help but react. I'll get married soon; just find me a guy and let me know the details!"