Pia Bajpaiee
Pia Bajpiee Image Credit: Instagram/PiaBajpaiee

Hours after Indian actress Pia Bajpiee urgently sought medical assistance for her brother battling COVID-19 in Uttar Pradesh, she informed her fans that he had succumbed to the virus.

“My brother is no more,” Bajpiee tweeted. Four hours before the tweet, the actress who has featured in films such as ‘Laal Rang’ with Randeep Hooda and ‘Mirza Juliet’, had asked for help on social media.

“I need urgent help in district Farukhabad, Kayamganj block, UP. A bed [with] ventilator. My brother is dying any lead plz help. Plz Contact if you know anybody. We are already in a mess,” tweeted Bajpaiee, along with a phone number to contact her family.

Though her plea garnered immediate attention from filmmaker Onir and got hundreds of retweets, her next post in which she announced her brother’s death gained more attention.

India is in the throes of a severe humanitarian crisis amid a savage second wave of COVID-19 that has put immense pressure on a weak health care system.

Bajpiee has primarily featured in Tamil films and is known for her inspiration posts on her social media accounts.

Pia Bajpiee
Pia Bajpiee Image Credit: Instagram/PiaBajpiee

A few days before this tragedy struck home, she posted a motivational tweet urging her fans to remain strong during the pandemic.

“Warrior. Remind yourself of what you’ve been able to overcome. All the times you felt like you weren’t going to make it through, you proved yourself wrong. You’re more powerful than you think — Ash Alves,” she posted.

Pia Bajpiee
Pia Bajpiee Image Credit: Instagram/PiaBajpiee