Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor with Alia Bhatt at Mumbai Police's 'Umang 2019', in Mumbai, Sunday, Jan 27, 2019. Image Credit: PTI

Actor Ranbir Kapoor has revealed that if it hadn’t been for the COVID-19 pandemic, he would have been a married man by now.

The ‘Rockstar’ actor was speaking with journalist Rajeev Masand in an interview when he opened up about his girlfriend, actress Alia Bhatt.

Masand brought up how Kapoor, 38, had told him in an earlier interview that he would like to be married by 32.

“It would have already been sealed if the pandemic hadn’t hit our lives. But I don’t want to jinx it by saying anything. I want to tick mark that goal soon in my life,” Kapoor said when asked if he was any closer to a wedding.

Kapoor and Bhatt have been largely secretive about their relationship, which reportedly began in 2018. They have attended numerous events together but have not made anything official yet. It was reported that Bhatt and Kapoor spent the lockdown in India together, with the actress even buying a flat in the same building Kapoor lives in in Bandra, Mumbai. Earlier this month, they were spotted at the airport heading to Goa for a holiday.

In the interview, Kapoor also talked about how Bhatt, 27, was keeping herself busy during the pandemic.

“You know, my girlfriend Alia is a bit of an overachiever and she took every class there is from guitar to screenwriting,” said Kapoor. “I always feel like an underachiever next to her.”