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Will.i.am Image Credit: Supplied

Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am has channelled his love for bombastic Indian cinema and larger-than-life Bollywood heroes in his new music video ‘Action’.

Rajinikanth’s hit film ‘Enthiran’ and ‘Singham’ cop Ajay Devgn have been given nods in the video created using ‘Deep Fake Technology’.

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“Check out our video for #ACTION inspired by #BOLLYWOOD…ive always loved music from india…#Elephunk and #MonkeyBusiness were inspired by Indian Culture…thank you india for your vibrancy and contribution to the world,” tweeted will.i.am.

His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed as Oscar winner AR Rahman re-tweeted the music video filled with scenes of the singer enacting famous stunt scenes from popular, mainstream potboilers.

“The borders are blurring through art! #tamilcinema @directorshankar #rajnikant #india,” tweeted AR Rahman.

If the kitsch and zany video is any indication, will.i.am has had some fun re-creating a string of iconic stunt-fuelled scenes from hit Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films.

“It’s time for action, give me satisfaction,” is the recurring credo.

The faces of heroes from Indian blockbusters have been changed and the Black Eye Peas bandmates’ faces have been superimposed. The video shows those singers replicating gravity-defying scenes.

Fans on social media are loving the tribute, but some are miffed that will.i.am referred to ‘Bollywood’ although he has chosen a majority of South Indian films. They found lumping of films into one large Bollywood bracket reductive.