Abdel Kareem Alkayed,

As brand CEO and with the considerable experience you have had in the UAE remittance market, how has the business evolved in the past decade, and how much in your view is Wall Street Exchange in step with change?

As someone deeply rooted in the banking industry and the remittance market, I've had the privilege of witnessing some truly remarkable changes in our field over the past decade. Earlier we had manual process, but things have changed as today, we find ourselves in a fast and automated world, where the magic of API connectivity allows us to send and receive transactions in mere seconds.

It's been a game-changer for us, and it's not just us – the whole landscape of the industry has transformed. We've even seen the rise of these new remittance aggregators, a testament to just how much things have evolved.

Moreover, our customers want more digital services, which are easy and convenient. So, we've adapted and made our services more accessible, offering competitive pricing and best exchange rates. We've expanded our range of services to better meet the ever-growing needs of our customers.

This shift hasn't just made our customers happier; it's also made our operations more efficient. We've brought our systems up to date, built partnerships with local and international banks to make seamless API integration a reality, and placed a strong emphasis on positioning our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our branches are conveniently located so that our customers can easily access our services.

What are the main challenges both customers as well as you as a service provider are facing and how are they being overcome?

For customers, the primary concerns include high transaction costs, exchange rate volatility, and worries about the security of their funds. We tackle this by offering competitive and transparent pricing, real-time exchange rate information, and have stringent security measures. Additionally, we continually monitor global financial markets to provide our customers with the most favourable rates.

As a service provider, we engage with regulatory compliance and adapt to evolving international standards. Wall Street Exchange has implemented robust compliance protocols. We ensure our staff is well-trained in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Combat the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), anti-fraud and KYC procedures. Additionally, we've adopted cutting-edge technology to streamline compliance processes and ensure that every transaction adheres to the UAE regulatory requirements.

Sending money anywhere in an instant is a corporate creed at Wall Street Exchange. How does the brand support this stand through its services?

Sending money instantly is not just a motto; it's our commitment to Wall Street Exchange. We put customer trust above everything else. We've streamlined our processes to offer speedy transactions, and our partnerships around the world continue to grow. Our aim is to make customers feel secure and confident in our services, so they choose Wall Street Exchange for their money transfer needs. We go above and beyond to make our customers feel secure when using our services, building their trust. Whether they are blue-collar workers looking for WPS salary cards, white-collar professionals looking for personalised experience, or corporate clients looking for trade payments, we cater to every remittance need.

What are your expansion plans for Wall Street Exchange in the next couple of years?

In the coming years, we are looking to expand our financial services. We want to become an integral part of the communities we serve. We're passionate about financial literacy and community engagement. Our expansion plans include opening new branches in strategic locations across the UAE. We also plan to strengthen our digital presence by enhancing our online platform and mobile app providing a seamless experience to our customers. We're dedicated to providing exceptional value to our customers, overcoming challenges with empathy, and expanding our presence while actively engaging with and empowering our community.