Travel in style. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE residents are among the world’s biggest spenders when they travel abroad, splashing about  Dh10,000 on every trip.

Travellers from the Gulf country had forked out an average of $2,722 (Dh9,998) during their last holiday , the fifth-highest globally, and taken nearly five (4.8) trips overseas in the past two years, according to Visa’s latest Global Travel Intentions study.

And they’re not likely to slow down, with research findings  expecting the average UAE resident  to spend $3,430 on their next travel and take 5.4 trips in the next two years, higher than the global average.

Overall, people from Saudi Arabia set aside the biggest holiday budget, splurging  $5,333 (nearly Dh20,000) on their last international trip, followed by those in Kuwait ($3,143), China ($2,988) and Australia ($2,745).

UAE residents also tend to travel with substantially more cash in their wallet compared to their peers. Each traveller from the country brought $1,901 cash on their last trip, higher than the global average.

Saudi and Kuwait travellers, however, carry bigger amounts, averaging at $2,168 and $2,218, respectively.

Visa’s findings are based on global travel trends and behaviour of more than 15,000 travellers from more than 27 countries and territories.