Countries preferred by Britons for relocation Image Credit: Gulf News

Duabi: Australia, Canada and the UAE are the top three favourite destinations for British expats, according to the report by the NatWest International Personal Banking, titled “Quality of Life.”

The UAE, and especially Dubai, is attracting thousands of young British professionals for reasons ranging from a zero-rate income tax to scores of opportunities offered amid the city’s booming economic sectors, including construction, tourism and financial services. A recent headline in the UK-based Daily Telegraph even asked “Is Dubai the new Spain for British expatriates?”

The report noted that the UAE’s position came after it was ranked tenth in 2010. Spain fell from seventh to ninth place in the same period.

According to the report, nearly 90,000 British expats left Spain with most of them eventually returning home.

The study is based on expats’ assessment of lifestyle indicators, such as availability of consumer goods, entertainment, food, law enforcement, public transports, sanitation, housing, public services, leisure and culture, schools and education, healthcare provision, financial factors and natural environment.

The “Quality of Life” study was done during the period of April and May 2013. It was carried out by the Centre for Future Studies for the NatWest, which is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Some reports estimated that nearly 150,000 Britons are still emigrating each year.

Personal technology is allowing British expats to enjoy a better quality of life away from their home country, while the social media revolution keeps them “connected with friends and family”, a recent report concluded.

Nine out of ten British expats (89%) believe they enjoy a better quality life as a result of using personal technology, according to the report.

“Social media is a game-changer for the majority of British expats (78%), who claim the main benefit of personal technology is that it allows them to stay connected with friends and family,” according to the report by the NatWest International Personal Banking, titled “Quality of Life.”

According to the ranking offered on the page, the percentage of British expatriates living in the US who own three or more personal technology devices are 97 per cent. Canada, Singapore and UAE tied for second, with 95 per cent owning three of more devices. Hong Kong ranked number five with a 93 per cent, followed by 92 per cent in Australia.