Sanjeevv Bhatia, Founder, Chairman & CEO of SB Group International

Innovation excellence has been a hallmark of SB Group International and its companies for many years. From the beginning, the group has been committed to innovation to leverage new technology and improve the environment. Its goal has been to drive performance to new levels with technology ever since.

“The group profile summarises how SBG International companies have transformed society and industry, helping the world move toward a more productive, sustainable future. SB’s most promising latest venture is NETIX.AI which empowers assets with the language of IoT. We make your Assets… Talk,” says Sanjeevv Bhatia, CEO of NETIX.AI Global.

NETIX.AI is a unified IoT platform company. We specialise in edge data collection, sensor technology, asset data standardisation, cloud computing, advanced analytics and machine learning in real time. Our differentiator — we bring a unique blend of sector-specific know-how, extensive domain knowledge, process knowledge and deep technology expertise to deliver effective IoT integration across your enterprise.

We do this with a clear focus on improving your business KPIs with a keen eye on asset performance improvement, asset availability and asset utilisation.

So if you are thinking IoT for your assets, think NETIX.AI

NETIX.AI – IoT made simple.