CAFU is into its fourth year of operations and in early 2022 did its 9 million fuel top up. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai-based fuel-on-demand service, CAFU, has created a new advisory board as it prepares for a transition to more sustainable-led mobility. There will also be an expansion, which will lead to adding 60 members to its workforce.

The members of the advisory board include James Babb, formerly of Deloitte and KPMG, Cenk Serdar, with an investment track record in 150 tech startups, and Fares Akkad, who heads META Middle East and North Africa.

Into its fourth year of operations, CAFU recently hits its 9 million fill-up earlier in the year. (The fuel-on-demand space is also filled with services provided by UAE's legacy entities ADNOC and ENOC.)

“CAFU has challenged convention through continued product-led innovation,” said Rashid Al Ghurair, founder and CEO. “Our customer-centric products and consistent delivery has played a fundamental role in our success to date, cementing our position as the number one on-demand car services platform in the UAE.”

It recently launched insurance services for customers on the CAFU mobile app, part of a trend where local app platforms are expanding the options available through their platform.

“We are setting mobility on an entirely new path, and we have the energy and imagination to see it through,” said Al Ghurair.

CAFU operates two divisions, one focused exclusively on the technology of mobility services, and the other for the core delivery and storage side of the fueling requirements. The on-demand services now extend to car washes, and battery, tyre, and engine oil changes.