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Businesses did some heavy scoring in communicating to their customers and meeting their expectations. But what's holding them back is having in place effective strategies. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Businesses in Dubai scored the lowest on strategy when it comes to having customer-friendly policies in place, but scored high on the communication side of things. This is based on findings from Dubai Economy, which last year initiated the evaluation of businesses on their customer-facing side.

“The standards were developed after a comprehensive market study of consumer behaviour data from the past five years,” said Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of CCCP (Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection). “The preliminary results achieved by the participating companies and sectors indicate that there are opportunities to develop performance, specifically in strategy, customer experience, and other criteria.”

Clear criteria

The scores were based on four criteria – strategy, communication, customer care and development. On strategy, the average score was a serviceable 50.5 per cent, while on communication, it shot up to 88.1 per cent. Customer care had these businesses turn in a 75.65 per cent average, while on development, it was at 64.27 per cent. (Development relates to that part where these businesses need to keep adding to their customer-focussed policies.)

How to take part
The Dubai Economy sponsored 'Consumer-Friendly Standards' certification is open for any company to submit and be evaluated at any time during the year for free. Companies wishing to participate can do so online or request the Consumer-Friendly Standards Manual and the submission document.

In the first edition, businesses in the retail sector made up 50 per cent of the participation, while those in electronics had 15 per cent, automotive and car rental accounted for 10 per cent each, and restaurants, fitness centres and e-commerce entities each had 5 per cent representation.