The network has helped reduce 12 tonnes of carbon emissions. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A network of fast electric vehicle chargers that will take 15-75 minutes to charge a vehicle for an average range of 400km is being deployed in Abu Dhabi.

Residents of the emirate can find the EV charging stations, deployed by Pulse, a UAE-based smart-mobility solutions provider, at their community Mawaqif parking lots located near parks, cafes, restaurants and key places of interest.

Pulse aims to deploy 100 EV charging points in the run-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in 2023 and has, to date, helped power more than 50,000 clean kilometers, amounting to a reduction of 12 tonnes of carbon emissions. Its existing EV charging station has witnessed a total energy consumption of 8.3 MW.

Remarking on the company’s launch of its first quick-charging stations, Mohammed Rashid Al Suwaidi, partner and board member at Pulse, said: “We strongly believe that electrification and smart mobility represent the future of transport. But to make this a reality, we need to build a seamless and convenient experience for all users.”

“By deploying the right charging solutions at the right place and the right capacity, we can connect cities, companies, and consumers more easily while supporting them with our network.”

Pulse uses a portfolio of the latest EV charging hardware to deliver a smooth EV experience that can charge up to three vehicles simultaneously. The company has charging stations at strategic locations across Abu Dhabi and is the UAE’s first and only car-agnostic electrical charging network. Users can download the application ‘Pulse Charge’ from the App Store and Google Play to identify charging station locations as well as to reserve, charge and pay for the services digitally.