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Dubai proptech firm Stake is intent on making things easier for investors wanting to be on the Golden Visa program. Put up Dh2 million online. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Now, even crowdfunding your way into Dubai property investments could help get a Golden Visa. But you still need to put up Dh2 million or more. 

The proptech firm Stake is offering Golden Visa options to investors coming into the platform through SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) registered with Dubai International Financial Centre. They must commit at least Dh2 million or more on its platform.

This initiative marks the first time in Dubai that investors can obtain a Golden Visa through a digital investment platform.

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What is different with this investment?

Stake says benefits would include:

* No restriction as to where investors must reside to qualify for the Golden Visa with Stake, provided the minimum investment threshold of Dh2 million is met.

* Rather than allocate an Dh2 million investment in a single property, Stake enables investors to spread their capital across multiple properties in prime areas in Dubai.

"For property investors, getting a GV through Stake is a much easier process for many reasons," said Rami Tabbara, co-founder and co-CEO.  "You won’t have to lock in Dh2 million into one property, you can invest into 20 properties. This lowers the investor risk massively and enables the investor to get exposure into areas and developments in Dubai that he/she may not have been able to afford directly.

"More importantly, the investor’s capital is being allocated in ready-to-occupy properties, a better alternative to offplan investments. This approach will allow for investors to generate rental income faster and build a more reliable revenue stream.

"Finally, it’s about convenience. Where in the world can you qualify for a GV through investing in direct property assets on an app in 3 minutes? We will do all the paperwork and book your medical. This does not exist anywhere."

We do not buy properties before listing them on the platform. All the funds will go into the properties that are carefully selected

- Rami Tabbara of Stake

Crowdfunding in Dubai property

Using multiple investor funds to take stakes in a single property or multiple ones has been a niche activity in Dubai. But in these two years, the rise and rise in local property values meant that many more wanted to get in, but by acquiring stakes rather than the whole unit.

"The current size of our portfolio is Dh130 million and all these properties are in Dubai," said Tabbara. "By Q3-23, we will have international properties also.

"Through our platform we have been able to attract investors from different income brackets. We have investors who invest from Dh500 per month and we have those who invested over Dh4.5 million. We are a platform for everyone."