Quite the 'view' - The Palm Tower hosts The View and where visitors get to see the island in its full spread. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: From Wednesday, you can head to the top to get a vantage view of the Palm.

The Dubai island will open its highest point – The View on the Palm – and at a height of 240 metres. It will join the other high points dotting Dubai – the one at the Burj Khalifa (555 metres), The Frame (150 metres) and, later this year, the Ain Dubai (250 metres).

The View is part of the Palm Tower, which will open with all its components in October. With direct access from Nakheel Mall, Level Two of The Palm Tower will mark the entry point for visitors which houses a Starbucks Café, The View Exhibition, aquarium tunnels… and a gift shop.

Set the rates

The base ticket rate is Dh100 and Dh69 for children. A fast-track access to the top costs Dh175 and a VIP, with all the bells and whistles added, will be Dh350 a person, according to Gail Sangster, Assets Director at Nakheel Malls. Nakheel is the developer of the Palm Tower.

Under the COVID-19 safety guidelines, up to 300 visitors can be on The View every hour. The observation point is on the 52nd level of the Palm Tower, and just above an Infinity Pool on the 50th, which will open in October this year.

Gail Sangster, Assets Director – Nakheel
Gail Sangster, Assets Director – Nakheel Malls: "The Palm Tower's hotel component, St. Regis, opens this summer and the serviced apartments in the fourth quarter..." Image Credit: Supplied

“The ‘Aura Skypool’ and accompanying F&B options on the 50th will be operated by Sunset Hospitality, and which creates another visitor attraction on the Palm. “Until tourism comes back to full strength, we will be looking at visitors to Nakheel Mall, Palm residents and from the UAE itself,” said Sangster.

“These days, all of us are tourists at home. We will also be working to get visits from educational institutions – there is so much to learn on the Palm.”

Currently, the Nakheel Mall averages around 24,000 visitors a day. 

  1. The View at The Palm’s VIP lounge spans 120 square metres and features an outdoor. The lounge is customizable to match various themes and concepts. The VIP lounge is open for public bookings.
  2. Level 51 will be home to SushiSamba, set to open in the third quarter. This will be the first branch to open in Dubai and the fifth in the world.