Dubai: Looking at the week ahead, we discuss the historic decision in Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive, and the impact it might have on the economy. It’s bigger than the Aramco IPO, if the Saudi oil minister is to be believed.

Should we even bother talking about trade tarrifs anymore? It seems like every week, as the war of words heat up between the US, the EU, and China, fresh threats are made around tarrifs.

Most recently, US President Donald Trump is threatening Beijing with tariffs on $200 billion (Dh734 billion) of goods imported from China.

On Friday, Trump threatened to impose tariffs on European cars after Brussels introduced levies on American goods such as Levi’s jeans, bourbon whiskey and Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

Oh, and we obviously talk about the World Cup. In vivid detail. Sorry hardcore-business-nerds!