Emergency personnel at the scene where a Tesla electric SUV crashed into a barrier on US Highway 101 in Mountain View, California. Tesla defended its Autopilot programme in the blog post, saying the system made it 3.7 times less likely for a person in the US to be involved in a fatal accident Image Credit: AP

It’s pop-quiz time here at Dirhams & Dollars. What we want to know is: what scares you more? Is it the prospect of dying in a car driven by a computer or is it dying in a car driven by a human?

Judging by the headlines last week after Uber and Tesla both had vehicles involved in fatal crashes, we’re going to guess it’s the former.

But that doesn’t make sense. Humans have been killing each other on the roads far longer than machines, and they do ot in greater numbers. So why is everyone acting like the machines are about to bring about the end of the world?

It’s a tricky subjects, one that is equal parts psychology and technology. Listen as the Dirhams & Dollars team spin its wheels trying to solve an issue that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.