Emmanuel Macron Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: In this episode, the Business team discusses some of the biggest headlines in the week ahead, starting with the French presidential elections.

Business reporters, Ed Clowes and Sarah Diaa, talk about what the outcome of the elections will mean for European markets, including the euro, equities, and, of course, gold. The team then discusses the upcoming general elections in the UK, and the Bank of England’s meeting happening this Thursday.

Finally (and most interestingly for the region, perhaps), the team discusses oil markets after crude prices fell last week, wiping the gains made since Opec’s decision to cut production output in November 2016.

Ed and Sarah discuss the outlook for oil prices, and what the recent price decline means for Opec’s upcoming meeting later in May. Will they continue to cut production levels? Is there role entirely being undermined by US shale producers? And where does that leave the oil market?