Panchali Mahendra
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Panchali Mahendra, the Managing Director of Atelier House Hospitality has just been awarded the UAE Golden visa. Making waves in the largely male-dominated industry, Panchali runs a global hospitality enterprise in the Middle East and was awarded the Golden visa for her contributions and accomplishments to the UAE.

In four years as Managing Director of Atelier House Hospitality, under the guidance of Founder and CEO Ahmass Fakahany, Panchali has brought the Michelin star restaurant Marea to Dubai, which has won its own local accolades and awards. She also conceptualized local home-grown brand Mohalla, which is a Dubai based Indian restaurant brand set to open 10 new locations in Saudi Arabia.

“I am honoured and grateful for the recognition and privilege in being awarded the 10-year golden visa. I am thankful to Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality and General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs- Dubai for recognizing my efforts,” she said. To be recognized based fully on my skills and contribution to the industry and achievement in such a competitive field is such an honour..”

Looking ahead, Atelier House Hospitality is also partnering on a new and exciting unique concept called 11 Woodfire, in collaboration with a celebrity chef, in the late fall of 2021

Mahendra was also featured in the Power 50 List as the only Indian woman to ever be featured and The Power Women list in 2020 and 2021.