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Bitcoin, tech stocks and everything else we failed to invest in

Plus, we try to guess when the Tweet announcing the new Federal Reserve Chairperson will arrive

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It’s all about results this week and not just here in the UAE. Tech stocks, banks stocks, property stocks – we’re expecting them all. Who will shine? Who will go home empty-handed? Who will just “meet expectations?” Will Amazon tank two quarters in a row? Really, this is better than the Oscars for us (yes, journalists are a sad group of people).

And there is Bitcoin. We’re not at all bitter that we didn’t buy in at $150. Not. A. Bit. Because it hit a new record $6,100 over the weekend before falling back to $5,900. We talk about just why the cryptocurrency is seeing this meteoric rise - again.

Finally, we wrap up talking about just when the tweet announcing the new Chairperson of the US Federal Reserve will come. In the era of President Donald Trump, you just know this is how it’s going to be announced.

We also argue about baseball. Feel free to ignore what Sarah and Ed say.