190902 mega deals
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Abu Dhabi: Europe’s biggest livestock trade fair officially opened in Abu Dhabi on Monday as part of the inaugural EuroTier Middle East.

Multimillion dirham deals expected to be signed over the next three days, involving both government and private institutions within the livestock industry.

Taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre until September 4, the event aims to connect local and regional breeders with the best livestock technologies and practices to help them improve their own livestock productivity on their farms and for their private businesses.

At least 150 companies from 18 countries worldwide are taking part, with 5,000 livestock breeders also set to attend the event.

“Hosting the first ever EuroTier Middle East is a significant milestone for us as it allows us to bring all the latest technologies and know how when it comes to the concept of livestock breeding,” said Tamer Al Qassimi, spokesperson for the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), the official partner and organiser behind the event.

“We have three main goals when it comes to the livestock industry here in the UAE — unifying the breeding practices, minimising the use of middle men and also looking to bring in more investments for the sector specifically from the private sector,” he added.

“The technology and innovation is there and available, we only need the investors to come and make the most out of these opportunities. Under ADAFSA we have 3.6 million heads of cattle and so we believe this is something that investors can capitalise on,” Al Qassimi said, highlighting the local market’s potential.

Six agreements

Al Qassimi said that ADAFSA would be signing at least six agreements with the private sector over the course of the event.

“We will be signing six agreements over the next three days, with six different companies. These will be good amounts of investments to help facilitate the needs of these entities and I believe that over the long term these deals will be a success for the agriculture and livestock industry.

“Along with our own deals, there are also going to be several other private to private sector deals happening as well, and so we think it’s safe to say that the total investments that will come out of this event will definitely reach into the tens of millions of dirhams,” he added.

Abu Dhabi livestock numbers under Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority

Total number of animal holdings: 24,189

Livestock census: 3.6 million head of cattle

Total fodder quantities distributed to breeders annually: 1.3 million tonnes