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Souq Al Haraj in Sharjah already has an extensive infrastructure and facilities to support the used car operations. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Sharjah is moving all of its used car sales, auto parts and auctions to Souq Al Haraj, Industrial Areas 2 to 17 in addition to the Al Sajaa Industrial Area. This move will be supported by the latest in infrastructure needs investors and used car businesses will need in the new areas.

Souq Al Jaraj already has the made its name as being a central hub for used car sales in the emirate, and bringing more spaces under its coverage testifies to the level of demand that exists

“All of this (is) to enhance the role of used cars and car auctions, in addition to improve the emirate’s position as a leading ideal destination for car trade in the region,” said Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Sharjah Economic Development Department.

“These sites are being developed to provide more investment opportunities in the emirate.”

Sharjah actions in the recent past to shift key business and economic activities to its industrial hubs have been paying off, whether through attracting new business or helping with add to the prospects of those who already operate in the emirate. It has also simultaneously paved the way for increased investment flow into the designated industrial spaces.

The economic vision of the government of Sharjah in building a strong and diversified economy (is) based on competitiveness,” said SEDD in the statement.

“The Department focuses on strengthening its relationship with the private sector to identify needs of the business sector and provide more facilities for it,” said Fahad Ahmad Al Khamiri, Director of Registration and Licensing Department at SEDD.