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Dubai: South Africa’s Paramount Group and Dubai-based Burnham Global have signed a multi-million-dollar contract with an African government to provide a range of military training and advisory services, the company said in a statement.

This programme will provide the recipient government’s security forces with the capabilities and expertise to effectively counter an ongoing insurgency within its borders. A pilot project has been operating in the country since mid-2020, and its success to date has led the government to commission the expanded programme.

“As the modern battlefield and the nature of conflicts evolves, in Africa, the Middle East and around the world, a more integrated, highly-customisable solution must be made available, provided to facilitate the optimal performance of both systems and personnel, ensuring mission survivability and safety,” said Alison Crooks, Director of Paramount Group.

“From its inception, Paramount Group has been at the forefront of supporting its customers in combating asymmetrical warfare on the African continent and around the world,” he added.

Earlier this month, Paramount said it took an ownership stake in Burnham Global, a firm that specialises in providing a range of training solutions to security services.