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The primary products exported were Unwrought Aluminium Alloys valued at $246.7 million Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Bahrain experiences a 12 per cent decline in non-oil exports of national origin in May 2024, amounting to $838.3 million (Dh3 billion), compared to $955 million (Dh XXX) May 2023.

According to Bahrain’s information and eGovernment authority (iGA), the top 10 countries accounted for 73 per cent of these exports, with Saudi Arabia leading at $169.7 million (Dh620.7 million - 20 per cent), followed by the US at $90 million (Dh330.5 million - 11 per cent), and the UAE at $82.2 million (Dh301.9 million - 10 per cent).

The primary products exported were unwrought aluminium alloys valued at $246.7 million (Dh906 million – 30 per cent), agglomerated iron ores and concentrates alloyed at $156.5 million (Dh574.8 million - 19 per cent), and aluminium wire not alloyed at $53 million (Dh194.6 million - 6 per cent).

Meanwhile, non-oil re-exports decreased by 28 per cent to $135.3 million (Dh497.6 million) in May 2024, compared to $188.3 million (Dh691 million) in May 2023.

The UAE was the largest market for re-exports with $50.4 million (Dh185 million - 37 per cent), followed by Saudi Arabia with $39.7 million (Dh145.8 million) (29 per cent).

On the import side, Bahrain saw a 2 per cent decrease in non-oil imports to $1.23 billion (Dh4.4 billion) in May 2024, down from $1.26 billion in May 2023.

Regarding the trade balance, which reflects the difference between exports and imports, Bahrain recorded a deficit of $262.2 million (Dh963 million)in May 2024, compared to a deficit of $114 million (Dh418.7 million) in May 2023.