Stock - together- (Lucy-d'Abo with Camilla-d'Abo and John-Hague)
The new Dubai consultancy sees the d'Abos - Lucy (on the left) and Camilla - launch a new venture. They are pictured here with John Hague, who takes on the role of director of transformation at the company. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A consultancy advising on the pros and cons of a workplace culture? The founders of a new company certainly believe there is scope for it.

Named ‘together’, the consultancy will work on helping organisations tap into their own unique culture and get employees to be a part of that. And not just limit themselves to working there.

together’s services will include strategic planning, culture transformation, internal communications, people development, and managing change for future purpose. In a post-pandemic work environment, the founders believe there will be enough demand for their services to make a strong business case.

Got the track record

The venture comes from serial entrepreneurs Lucy and Camilla d’Abo, who in the past had a boutique corporate communications firm and which they later sold to the PR firm Edelman in 2015. The launch of together thus takes the d’Abos into the familiar territory of launching a business – and hopefully make a success of it.

‘’Globally we are witnessing one of the biggest transformations in workplace culture,” said Lucy. “However, the Middle East has limited resources devoted to workplace culture, helping organisations engage with their employees, drive performance and develop new ways of thinking about the future of work. We believe that ‘together’ can meet this need,.”

In other words, together’s founders reckon that it will be as important for businesses to craft an internal culture and have their staff buy into it. In a workplace environment reshaped by the pandemic, organisations need to once again work on that aspect and not limit themselves to working on the pay and staff benefits alone.

It's all in the culture
Forbes magazine ranks 'culture' among its Top 3 most important Future of Work 2021 trends.

According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index 2021, over 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their employer this year. It states among the strategies for business leaders to make the necessary shift are prioritizing and rebuilding social capital and culture, while also rethinking the employee experience to compete for the best and most diverse talent.

Findings from the WorkHuman IQ 2021 International Report revealed of those workers planning to look for a new job, within the Top 5 reasons stated included ‘’I want a better culture’’.

That missing ingredient

“For us, great culture is the rocket fuel that powers company success and is the missing ingredient in many companies,’’ said d’Abo. “We apply our expertise in communications and HR, coupled with our business insights and intuition to support leaders and teams to develop and localise their purpose, their vision, their values and their culture. We strive for an engaged, active and aligned workforce with a superpower culture that comes together to achieve business success.”