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In the agriculture industry, Mahasil is a true innovator. Emerging from the Al-Mallouhi Agricultural Group, a family company founded in 1981, Mahasil's journey began with greenhouse construction, evolving into modern hydroponics. Aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, Mahasil aims for food security, quality produce, and taste excellence.

At the forefront of food and agriculture, Mahasil integrates advanced tech into traditional farming. It emphasises agriculture tech, especially hydroponics, reshaping the industry landscape.

Amid rising demand for sustainable agriculture, Mahasil excels in technology and ecosystem creation. Holistic stakeholder development is fostered through awareness programmes and knowledge exchange, establishing Mahasil as a pioneer.

Research and Development (R&D) is Mahasil's backbone. Innovative tech, like intelligent environmental controls, aids resource conservation. These innovations cut water usage by 40 per cent, reducing pesticides and boosting crop quality.

Hydroponics' integration lifts Mahasil's output. Longer fruit shelf life and nutrition improvement reflect Mahasil's commitment to quality. Productivity gains of 20-30 per cent underscore its success.

In a food-insecure world, Mahasil champions sustainability. Through innovation and leadership, Mahasil contributes to food security and top-quality products.

Looking to the future, Mahasil expands with Hail region projects. Its largest venture yet promises diverse produce. Mahasil envisions an all-encompassing organisation, from greenhouses to final product delivery, dedicated to innovation and sustainability.

Mahasil's journey from a family enterprise to an industry pioneer is a testament to pioneers within innovation. With a clear potential to transform the fundamental pillars of agriculture and food industries, Mahasil's offers guidance towards a food secure future that promises enhanced sustainability. Marrying tradition and technology, Mahasil advances Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Poised to reshape agriculture and food, Mahasil's future shines bright.