For ComAp, proper technical support and after-sales service are considered an inseparable part of any successful business Image Credit: Supplied

ComAp designs and manufactures control products for power generation and diesel/gas engines, along with associated accessories and software. It is leading the way in providing intelligent electronic control products and solutions that are highly flexible, intuitive and scalable.

The brand is one of the world leaders in power generation control systems, with more than 400 employees globally and a large distribution network consisting of more than fifty distributors and eleven subsidiaries. ComAp has the largest Research and Development department in our industry with 120,000 control units sold last year and a 52-million-Euro turnover.

Even though its main focus is on single, paralleling genset or gas engine solutions, ComAp also provides ATS controllers, controllers for the marine market, engine-driven applications and mains protection. Its dual-fuel solution, called bi-fuel used in off-shelf genset conversion for diesel-gas consumption and the hybrid system solution for high efficiency in genset applications that use renewable energy, see great potential in the Middle East.

Significant activity

One of ComAp’s first significant activities in the Gulf dates back to 2005, while it was still working through its distribution at the time. Its business has grown successfully since with the region playing an important role. However, to be a part of more prestigious regional projects, ComAp decided to open an office in the UAE in 2013, a move that allowed the company to stay closer to its clients and provide them professional local support. ComAp’s Dubai-based office is responsible for supporting the entire Middle East region. The office operations are headed by Petr Gryc, Managing Director, ComAp a.s. (DMCC branch).

ComAp has since been involved in many projects mainly related to the oil and gas and construction sectors. It works either with genset packagers, the system integrators, the panel builders, the rental companies or with the end-users. ComAp is proud to be a valuable technology partner with the biggest and the most prestigious companies in the global power generation industry. Projects it’s been involved in include Dubai Airport, the Dubai World Islands, Riyadh metro, Mekka City, University in Riyadh, the TUWAIQ mega project in Riyadh and others from both the government and private sector.

ComAp expects delivery of standards of the MRS, AMF, ATS or SYNCHRONIZATION solutions for the power generation market and constantly invests in the development and marketing of new, more advanced technologies to help clients significantly reduce its OPEX on their gensets and their dependency on diesel. On top of that, the firm strives to reduce fuel consumption.

ComAp is currently involved in the delivery of its control systems for:

An InteliBifuel Solution: We convert a pure diesel genset to run at the same time on 2 types of fuel, partially diesel and partially gas (which is a much cheaper and cleaner fuel to run on). The InteliBifuel solution is unique to the market, thanks to which customers can utilise the advantages of cheaper and cleaner natural gas and replace the majority of diesel in their generators. Its customers benefit from InteliBifuel solutions anywhere where diesel generators are used as the main source of power, such as constructions sites, labour camps, factories or even oil rigs and offshore platforms where associated gas can be used in a generator rather than being flared.

A HYBRID Solution: This is the combination of diesel gensets and a photovoltaic and/or windmill. A battery storage (UPS) can also be part of the system. ComAp provides the master control system to manage the whole hybrid site in the most efficient manner.

Technical support

For ComAp, proper technical support and after-sales service are considered an inseparable part of any successful business, reason why the brand relocated its Prague HQ office team of senior engineers to its Dubai office. The relocated team brings several years of experience to the table, having worked with the company HQ on global projects. Since ComAp is implementing this knowledge into the local market and following latest global trends within the industry, the Middle East will stay on top of the latest technologies.

ComAp looks forward to providing regional clients the best quality services, being a long-term, trustful partner they can count on to participate in the most ambitious projects in the region.