What is the consumer protection law in the UAE?

Your rights as a consumer are protected thanks to article No. (4) of the Federal Law No. 24/2006. It sets out the boundaries covered by the Department of Consumer Protection, to wit:

  • Goods must meet a level of quality and performance that would be reasonable to expect, given their price and specifications;
  • Goods must be suitable for the purpose that the seller conveys to the consumer, and match the description given to the consumer;
  • Services must be carried out with due care and skill;
  • Materials used in connection with a service should meet customer requirements;
  • Consumers have rights to remedies in the case that there are problems with goods or services provided;
  • Repairs, replacements and refunds depending on the nature of goods, and
  • Having services supplied again or refund its value if cannot be done again.


Does the law include retailers only?

No. Federal Law No. 24/2006 applies to all services that involve a contract in the UAE. For example, consumers are entitled to complain about price manipulation of products or a substandard service provided by workmen.


What are your rights as a consumer:

The Department of Economic Development has set out some basic rights and rules for shoppers. Among these are:

  • The consumer has the right to return and get a refund for any defective product;
  • All sellers are bound to display their return and refund policy, and
  • If the consumer chooses to repair the product, the seller must inform him or her of the type of defects and the cost.